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Off-Road Trail Spotlight: Dammeron Valley to Enterprise - St. George, Utah

While Moab can boast of some of the most popular trails in Utah, St. George can brag about having the most numerous and diverse. The trails that run from St. George appeal to all types of off-roaders whether you have decades of experience or just got into it. They run the gamut from easy to difficult with plenty of variety in between.

During our trail rides, we try and vary these trails so everyone can get a feel of what St. George trails have to offer. Running different trails also helps off-roaders develop all-around skills to navigate various terrain.

Dammeron Valley to Enterprise

This is another fantastic trail that is big on scenery. The bonus when running this trail is that we get the opportunity to stop at Enterprise for some of their famous sweet corn.

Dammeron is a small Utah town with a rural feel. It is located near the base of the Pine Valley Mountain so temperatures here are a few degrees cooler than in St. George. This makes this area ideal for those looking to escape the crowds and higher temperatures in surrounding counties.

The trail itself starts about 15 minutes from St. George and is perfect for those looking to escape the crowds. It winds through desert country and it can get a bit dusty at times with some rough, bumpy, and rocky sections. While it doesn’t have challenging obstacles, some dips and inclines along the trail mean that this should be done in a 4WD rig with adequate ground clearance, to avoid damaging the undercarriage.

As you run this trail, keep in mind that it goes through some remote areas. Always make the trip with a few friends who can help out in case you run into trouble. Since there are scanty details on the trail, a trail map would come in handy. Even better if you can download one into a navigation app like Gaia Maps GPS to ensure you always know where you are and where you’re headed.

Other Useful Information

Like some other trails in this corner of Utah, this one goes through a desert environment. Sticking to the designated route not only helps preserve the environment but also helps you avoid damaging your rig. Also remember to carry along a CB radio, some snacks, plenty of water, and air down/air up equipment for your rig.

To be sure that your rig can handle the trip, bring it to the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop in St. George and we’ll prep it for you. You could also bring it in after running the trail for some much-needed service and maintenance or repairs, if necessary. While at the auto shop, you could get some tips from our mechanics or take a look at some of the custom 4X4 builds we’ve made over the years and decide if you’d like one of your own.

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