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Off Road Trail Spotlight: Buck Farm Point - Kanab – North Rim Trails

Once you’re done exploring the popular trails in Moab, you may want to find out what else is around this area. You can tag along with us as we attempt to answer that question, along with some avid off-roaders.

One area we love to check out is the place surrounding the Grand Canyon.

Trail Overview 

Visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon gives you the advantage of avoiding the crowds. Unlike the South Rim, this part of the canyon receives fewer visitors, making it less crowded, so you can easily take all the photos you want from a great vantage point. It also has a higher elevation, meaning that the view is simply spectacular.

There are many viewpoints along the way and Buck Farm Point is one of them. The road there is rough dirt and gravel in sections and can be handled in a stock 4WD when the weather is dry. The drive there technically begins at Jacob’s Lake but make sure you don’t miss out on the great scenery along the way. Depending on the route you take, you will go through the Navajo Nation, cross the Colorado River, and wind through the aspens and ponderosa pines which will eventually give way to Douglas Firs.

The route follows an old livestock trail used by Mormon settlers so you can feel part of the history. To make things easy for you and ensure that you stay on the right track, download a trail map of the area from the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive online store. You can then upload it to any of your navigation apps or devices and take it with you.

Keep your camera ready as the route is quite scenic, with plenty of places that seem designed for photos.  Once you’re at Buck Farm Point, you’ll be blown away by the magnificent view of the Marble Canyon and the Colorado River with the Kaibab Plateau to the west. The Vermillion Cliffs and Navajo Mountain are also easy to spot from the viewpoint.

Other Trail Details

The best time to tackle this trail is from late spring to early fall, depending on the weather. If you do visit during the summer, be prepared for thunderstorms. Also, carry everything you need for the trip including enough food and water. Kindly do not litter and ensure that you are a responsible off-roader by picking up after yourself and leaving the area neater than you found it.

The trail shouldn't present any challenges for a 4WD. You can bring in your rig for a tune-up after the trail ride to make sure it’s good to go for any other adventures you have planned.


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