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Curious Georges 3.0 Eco Diesel Jeep Build

Curious Georges Dynatrac Equipped JL 3.0L Rubicon Eco Diesel was one of the first diesels to hit the pavement when they first came out. Since then it has gone through some major changes! With a Metalcloak 3.5" lift kit with their 6pak shocks, Dynatrac 60/80 combo full float 8 lug axles, Raceline Beadlocks wrapped in Patagonia Miletstar Tires, and tons of custom painted lighting, and interrior upgrades and storage solutions! Check out our awesome jeep builds!

Vehicle Type: 
Dynatrac 60/80 Full Float 8 Lug Axles
Heavy Duty Drivelines
Rigid Adapt 50" Lightbar Paint Matched
Baja Designs S1 Spot Laser Paint Matched
Rigid Windshield Light Mounts Paint Matched
Baja Designs LP4x2
Metalcloak Fenders Paint Matched
Metalcloak Inner Fenders
Metalcloak Sliders
American Adventure Lab Tramp Stamp
iDrive Throttle Controller
Cobra CB Radio
SDHQ Switch Pro Panel
Bumpers & Winch: 
Metalcloak Front and Rear Bumpers
Warn VR Evo 12-S
Factor 55 Ultra Hook
Wheels & Tires: 
Raceline Beadlocks
Patagonia Milestar 40" Tires
American Adventure Lab Storage Drawers and ARB Fridge Slide
ARB 47qt Fridge
Rockhard 4x4 Paint Matched Roll Cage
Red 15lb Power Tank
ARB Twin Under Passenger Seat
American Adventure Lab Tailgate Table
Fully Custom Full Belly Skit Plates
Custom DEF Tank Skid Plate
Suspension & Steering: 
Metalcloak 3.5" Lift Kit
Metalcloak 6pak shocks
Redneck Ram Hydraulic Assist Steering
Rock Jock Anti Rock Sway Bars Front and Rear

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